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There are four strong arguments for using reclaimed wood:

1) It's environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood isn't grown on farms, which often cultivate only trees that grow fast, but aren't supportive of an ecosystem. Yes, it represents a tree that's been cut down, but at least it's getting another life in your home.

2) It has an age and character that cannot be mimicked. Old wood likely grew in a natural environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, making the wood strong and durable. Aging also brings out the color in the wood.

3) Most old-growth wood is no longer available. Regulations prevent many species of tree from being harvested, so clients are unable buy new redwood for siding repair, for example.

4) It has its own history. How many people do you know who have olive-oil barrels on the outside of their houses?

And buying reclaimed lumber continues to get easier—and in some instances, less expensive relative to the escalating cost of new hardwood. Depending on what kind of wood you're going for, you will spend $5 to $20 per square foot. 

Our staff are expert design/build professionals with reclaiming materials for adaptive reuse projects. These united, highly motivated, passionate, value-driven individuals are these essence of the powerful creations that result from customer collaborations.

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Osage Beach, Missouri

Most reclaimed wood is old growth wood and was harvested at a time when the trees grew slowly. Slow growth means a tight, dense grain. Simply put, reclaimed woods offer superior quality and durability that you can't find in today's market. One of the main reasons we love reclaimed wood is its character.