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The Kathedral Renovation                 Sherman Hill, Des Moines, Iowa

The Filling Station Relocation            Sherman Hill, Des Moines, Iowa

Trinity United Methodist Church        River Bend, Des Moines, Iowa

Garver House                                    Sherman Hill, Des Moines, Iowa

Eldredge House                                 Sabula, Iowa

Mike & Rose Gay Addition                 Sherman Hill, Des Moines Iowa

Ancient Ways Renovation                  Sherman Hill, Des Moines Iowa

Hammer Pharmacy Bldg                    East Village, Des Moines Iowa

Northland Dairy Bldg                          East Village, Des Moines, Iowa

Mad Meatball Renovation                  East Village, Des Moines Iowa

1039 19th House Relocation             Sherman Hill, Des Moines Iowa

​Plain Talk Book Bldg                         East Village, Des Moines Iowa

510 S Gilbert                                     Downtown, Iowa City Iowa

310 Pentacrest                                  Downtown, Iowa City Iowa

515 Lynn St                                       Downtown, Iowa City Iowa

225 S Gilbert                                     Downtown, Iowa City Iowa

Quinton's Patio Renovation               Downtown, Iowa City Iowa

DesignCo encourages cities to build on the assets they have, put into service the potential of older buildings to improve health, affordability, prosperity, and well-being. The mix of old and new buildings, working together provide dense, walkable, and thriving streets working to acheive a more proserous, sustainable, and healthy future.


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